What is BiFest?

Brighton BiFest 2009 - Code of Conduct!

We're expecting BiFest to be an exciting and highly diverse event! To help make it enjoyable for everyone who attends, we've drawn up this Code of Conduct. We hope you will read it in the spirit it's meant: having these guidelines spelt out from the start is intended to prevent a sticky moment or misunderstanding which might spoil someone's BiFest.

  • Children are welcome at BiFest during the day, but unfortunately not in the workshops or after 6pm. Parents or adult carers are responsible for their child is at all times - the team and other volunteers are all very busy and can not act as childminders.
  • Party responsibly, take care of yourself, try to avoid getting too drunk or too dehydrated.
  • Respect the choices people have made regarding their beliefs, gender or sexuality, and how they choose to express them.
  • No means no: if someone asks you to leave them alone, please do so immediately. If you're getting unwanted attention from someone, you can tell the desk, and we will politely tell them to stop. We're happy to do so even if you haven't asked them to stop since that's not always easy to do.
  • Please respect other people's personal space; hugs can be great, but not everybody wants them. A useful phrase is 'Would you like a hug?'.
  • Bifest is not a fetish club or a sex club; please keep any behaviour legal, and generally within the bounds of what's acceptable in public.
  • Remember not everyone at Bifest wants to be "out" about their sexuality to the whole world. If you take a photo, it is your responsibility to make sure everyone in it is happy to be photographed and knows what you intend to do with the photo.
  • Please respect the privacy of others generally, both at BiFest and afterwards.

Who's Who?

  • People wearing sashes are BiFest organisers and are ‘on duty’. If you have any problems, questions or comments, please talk to them or the staff on the registration desk.
  • The organisers have final say. We will try to deal fairly and respectfully with any issue which you bring to us. Breaches of this Code of Conduct will in most cases be met with a warning from a member of the organising team. We reserve the right to ask anyone to leave BiFest.

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