What is BiFest?

Brighton BiFest 2009 - Contact the Team!

Who is running BiFest?

The team consists of:

  • Lisa - High Priestess and Maker of Decisions
  • Ludy - Knitting Queen and Keeper of the Badge Maker
  • Camel - Oracle of Bi Knowledge and Contacts
  • Russ - Holder of Bi Information and BiFest Shopkeeper
  • Steph - Community Group Liaison Officer Extraordinaire
  • Charlie - Reader of the Tarot
  • Fluf - Pied Piper of University Bi Youth
  • Edi - All round Assistant to the stars
  • Liz - Booker of Resources and Vegan Cake Champion
  • Emma - BiFest Logo Designer

Please note that BiFest is being run entirely by volunteers, and is not a profit-making venture. If you would like to get involved, drop us a line!
Email: brighton.bifest@gmail.com
Phone: 07867 741025
or contact us through the BiFest livejournal.

We are especially looking for people to sit on the desk & be welcoming. Training can be provided if necessary (and will take about 5 minutes :) ).

Where is BiFest?
Crafts & Cake
Links & Flyers
Contact the Team

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