What is BiFest?

Brighton BiFest 2009 - Saturday 7th March!

What is BiFest?

BiFest is a one-day festival celebrating bisexuality, with workshops and discussions during the day and social events in the evening. It is the younger cousin of the convention BiCon.

When is Brighton BiFest?

Saturday 7th March 2009 from 11am until late. The social and craft areas will open at 11am. Workshops and discussions will run from 12-6pm, and the evening entertainments will be from 8pm-midnight.

Where is Brighton BiFest happening?

Jury’s Inn, 101 Stroudley Road, Brighton, BN1 4DJ. See the Where is it? page for more details.

How much will it cost?

The suggested donation is £5 unwaged or £8 waged, but pay what you can afford - anything from £1 upwards. BiFest is not a profit-making event. We gratefully acknowledge the support of Pride in Brighton & Hove and the Partnership Community Safety Team. However, our sponsors are unable to finance 100% of our costs. All of the money donated will go back into the community to help fund this and future events.

Who is BiFest for?

Obviously, BiFest is a bi community event, but you don't have to be bisexual to come to BiFest! All are welcome.

  • If you identify as bisexual, pansexual or ambisexual.
  • think you might be bisexual.
  • are bi-curious or questioning your sexuality.
  • If you are, have been or think you might be attracted to both men and women.
  • Whether you believe there are only two genders or many more.
  • If you have a bi partner or bi friends...
  • and especially if you're from the towns of Brighton, Shoreham, Worthing, Hove, Lewes, or the regions Sussex, the South Coast & the whole of the South-East.
  • ...even if you've never knowingly met a bi person before but are supportive of us!

Come along and have a great time!

But I'm not even bi!

People of all sexualities and gender identities are very welcome at this and all other bi community events. We especially welcome non-bi Significant Others, Friends and Allies (SOFAs). You will certainly not be the only heterosexual, homosexual or asexual person at BiFest. Don't be afraid that you might be harassed or experience unwanted attention. BiFest is a sex-positive but not sexually focused event, and we have a specific code of conduct which we expect people to follow. In the rare event that someone won't take no for an answer, contact a member of the team.

What kind of catering will be available?

There is a licensed Bar which we have requested to stock extra amounts of cider for us cider hungry bi's. This should be open from around midday and serves food. Also onsite is a Restaurant. Unfortunately we will not be providing free tea and coffee this year as the funding went to provide a more accessible venue. However there is a Coffee Shop in the hotel right outside the conference rooms where BiFest will be held.

I heard something about cake?

Well, don't you know how bisexuals want to have their cake and eat it too? Cakes will be brought into existence for the event, and will be available for consumption. See the Crafts & Cakes page for more details. Feel free to help make or acquire cakes for BiFest! and tell the Cake Wrangler which type you're bringing. Most dietary needs will be catered for.

The venue would like us to make it very clear that you consume cake at your own risk!

OK, you've convinced me. (I think it was the cake.)

See you there!

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