What is BiFest?

Brighton BiFest 2009 - What's happening?


The daytime activities will run from 11am to 6pm. Throughout this time you can visit the craft area, or socialise with other bisexuals & allies.

You can attend workshops and discussion sessions on a range of topics. There will be four workshop slots during the afternoon from 12pm to 6pm, and a choice of two workshops in each slot.

TimeWorkshop 1 Workshop 2 Main Hall
11.00 amBiFest begins! Arrive and Mingle. Community fair, social space and crafts corner.
12.00 pmIntroduction to Bisexuality
- Lisa
Coming Out Again
- Ludy
12.45 pm Lunch.
2.00 pmFun & Games / Icebreakers
- Lisa
What Flavour?
- David
3.00 pm Tea, coffee and cake break!
3.15 pmSmutty Storytelling
- Jacqueline Applebee
Gender Recycling
- Steph
4.15 pm Tea, coffee and cake break!
4.30 pmHave Your Say
- Lisa and guests
- Paul
6.00 pm Dinner break.
8.00 pmSpeed Dating Quiet chill-out space Disco
9.00 pmSpacehopper Racing
12.00 amBiFest ends - time to go home (or on to the nearest club)

The LGBT community fair will feature a range of stalls with information about events such as BiCon, local LBGT groups, and things for sale. If you would like to run a stall, please contact the team immediately using one of the links on the Contact Us page.


We will break for dinner between 6 & 8pm, to transform the main room into the venue for the evening entertainments. It is essential that everyone who's not part of the team leaves so we can move equipment around safely. The hotel has a restaurant and coffee shop. We're hoping to have some extra restaurant recommendations available on the front desk, in the programme, or even on the web site - check back nearer the time! Usually various people volunteer to lead dinner expeditions to e.g. the vegetarian pub, the eat-as-much-as-you-like Chinese, the Indian buffet place. A large range of foodstuffs are available in Brighton and it is particularly easy to find vegetarian & vegan meals compared to most other cities.

Evening Entertainment

The evening entertainments will begin at 8pm. Speed dating will run from 8-9pm and promises to be great fun. There will also be spacehopper racing! A Brighton Bothways Winter Pride favourite, making its first appearance at Brighton BiFest. Who will be crowned BiFest spacehopper racing champion 2009?

A glittering array of bi community DJs will play music to dance to in the main room. There will also be a gaming room with various card and board games e.g. Scrabble, Fluxx, Settlers of Catan. Feel free to bring your own games along and claim a table. A space will be available for quiet chatting, and crafting may continue into the evening.

BiFest will close at midnight.

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