What is BiFest?

Brighton BiFest 2009 - Crafts and Cake!


The craft corner will once again be facilitated by the wonderful & sexy Ludy. Knitting and crochet supplies will exist in great abundance. The ever-popular badge making machine will indeed be making a repeat performance! Paper, pens, stickers, fancy scissors & old magazines will be provided for badges or other decoration. All craft materials are provided free of charge for use during BiFest.

Children are welcome in the daytime social space but must always be supervised by a responsible adult. Please do not expect the facilitators of the craft corner to act as a childminding service. They are responsible for looking after the badge maker and other equipment, and cannot also supervise a child.


Some people say that bisexuals want to have their cake and eat it, as if this is a bad thing. We say it's an important part of BiFest! Please bring cake to the event! All cakes should be labelled with a list of ingredients so that those with allergies, food intolerances or dietary preferences can also be included in the cake-eating experience. How to label cakes.

The venue would like us to make it very clear that you consume cake at your own risk!!

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